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Auto Rental News - May/June 2015

Featured Articles Include: * How Rental Companies Stay Engaged on Social Media * Which Social Media Channels Best Fit Your Company? * Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes

Auto Rental News Magazine - March/April 2015

Featured Articles Include:
* CarSharing: State of the Market and Growth Potential
* Carsharing: Overview of the Independent Market
* Understanding On-Demand Car Rental

Auto Rental News Magazine - January/February 2015

Featured Articles Include:
* 10 Ways to Outperform the Used Car Market in 2015
* 2015 Resale Forecast For Cars, Vans and Trucks
* Car Rental Industry Rocks Third-Annual Auto Rental Summit

Auto Rental News Magazine - The How to Issue

Featured Articles Include: * Surviving “Vehiclularly Challenged” Days * How to Realize the Maximum ROI From Your GPS Tracking System * How to Become Certified as a DBE

Auto Rental News Magazine - November/December 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* Operators Share Successful Marketing Campaigns
* Top 8 Reasons You're Not Making Money Online
* Car Rental Marketing 3.0

Auto Rental News Magazine - September/October 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* Finding the Right Car Wash Fit
* Worst Cleaning Jobs Ever (And Some Good Tips to Help)
* Fleet Workshop Kicks off Auto Rental Summit

Auto Rental News Magazine - How To Issue 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* How To Rent to Credit-Challenged Customers
* How to Effectively Answer the Phone
* How to Buy Cars From Your Local Dealer

Auto Rental News Magazine - July/August 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* Fleeting With Used Vehicles
* Finding the Right Car to Match Your Rental Rate
* 5 Ways to Meet this Year's Fleet Challenges

Auto Rental News Magazine - May/June 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* Industry Convenes 2014 Car Rental Show
* 2014 Car Rental Show Attendees Speak Out
* When Your Car Rental is Used in a Crime

Auto Rental News Magazine - March/April 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* How to Explain Loss of Use to an Insurance Company
* High Life Auto Rental Makes Strides in Arizona Market
* The Game Has Changed - Have You?

Auto Rental News Magazine - 2014 Fact Book

Auto Rental News -2014 Fact Book: Market Data Ratings & Awards Industry Directories..

Auto Rental News Magazine - January/February 2014

Featured Articles in the Technology Issue Include:
* Managing Your Complete Internet Presence
* The Emerging Trend of Simultaneous Remarketing on Multiple Online Platforms
* Mobile Technology Streamlines the Rental Process