Auto Rental News Magazine - 2013 Fact Book

Auto Rental News -2013 Fact Book: Market Data Ratings & Industry Directories

The 2013 Fact Book includes:
* Five Predictions for 2013
* Fleet Costs Go Up
* It’s Going to be a Tough Year for Rates
* The Ancillary Revenue Market Evolves
* The Leading Market Will Ease Further
* Watch Out for the Independents
* U.S. Car Rental Market Data
* Fleet Size, Location and Revenue Fleet Registration Statistics
* Rate Data
* Remarketing Data
* Ratings & Awards
* J.D. Power’s Rental Car Satisfaction Index
* 2012 Auto Rental Summit and Professional of the Year Awards
* Industry Directories (Car Rental Companies, Car & Truck Manufacturers, Bus Manufacturers, Remarketers, Suppliers Index, Suppliers Auto Rental Associations)

Auto Rental News Magazine - 2013 Fact Book