Auto Rental News - January/February 2016

The Millennial Issue * Millennials in Their Words * Recruiting the Millennial Workforce * Understanding Enterprise's Millennial Strategy *


* Millennials in Their Words

Millennials in car rental share insights into the strengths they bring to the workplace, where they look for jobs and how they stay motivated in their businesses.

* Recruiting the Millennial Workforce

To engage millennial hires, your strategy should not only include social media recruitment, but also ways to foster your company's culture while managing it on the outside.

* Understanding Enterprise's Millennial Strategy

Enterprise Holdings recruits, trains and motivates millennials through strategic use of social media, student athlete associations and the latest in job search resources.


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* 2016 International Car Rental Show: Collaborating for Change

This year's event will include seminars covering the recently passed recall legislation, national security, technology implementation and the connected car.



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Auto Rental News Magazine - January/February 2016