Auto Rental News - July/August 2015

The Lending Issue: * How Lenders Help Rental Fleets Grow * Is Leasing Right for You? * Leveraging the New Lending Landscape


* How Rental Companies Use Leasing

  From taking advantage of  lessor's buying power to conserving capital, leasing is a good way to put wheels on the road - after doing your homework on the right type and terms for you.

* How Lenders Can Help Rental Fleets Grow

  Four car rental operators share their stories of finding lenders, how they strengthened these relationships and how lines of credit have helped their businesses expand.

* Taking Advantage of the New Lending Landscape

  If you're not following these steps to show your lender confidence in your business, you may be leaving money on the table.

* Car Rental Enters the Cloud

Looking for a new payment processing service or a payroll and health insurance management system?  The new generation of cloud-based programs offer low- to no-cost solutions.


Car Rental Q&A: How Can I Improve the Quality of my Credit Application to Lenders?


Car Rental Q&A - What tips Can You Offer When Starting a Blog?


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