Auto Rental News - May/June 2016

The Sustainability Issue * * * *


* 'Going Green' to Save Green

From paper and energy reduction plans to solar power, car rental operators are conserving resources and also benefiting their bottom line.

* Paths to Corporate Sustainabilithy (COVER STORY)

In a new era of sustainability business practices, the three largest car rental companies share guiding principles and best practices that make both environmental and economic sense.

* Creating an Eco-Friendly Car Wash

When looking for a more sustainable way to wash cars, consider making modifications such as washing cars off-site at a local car wash, or installing an on-site wash that regulates or recycles the water.

* International Car Rental Show Addresses Industry Hot Topics

Designed for the car rental industry worldwide, the 21st annual International Car Rental Show tackled issues such as the recently passed recall legislation, national security, and global expansion.


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