Automotive Fleet - April 2015

Featured Articles Include: * 32% of Fleet Managers Earn More than $100,000 Per Year * Where Are They Now? * Keeping Passenger Car Tires Safe * Black Book's Ricky Beggs Says Goodbye to the Industry * Adrian Steel Steps Up Its Investment in Its Fleet Customers

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* 32% of Fleet Managers Earn More than $100,000 Per Year - Salaries remain on the rise, overall, with fleet managers' on-the-job happiness commensurate with their pay.
* Where Are They Now? - Here's what a number of long-time notiable fleet veterans are up to these days.
* Keeping Passenger Car Tires Safe - Truly where the rubber meets the road, proper tire maintenance and safety checks, can help ensure drivers get home at the end of the day.
* Black Book's Ricky Beggs Says Goodbye to the Industry - Beggs leaves Black Book after a storied 33-year career, which has seen the transition both from a print book to an online platform and from predictable resale cycles to greater volatility.
* Adrian Steel Steps Up Its Investment in Its Fleet Customers - Adrian Steel's $4.7 million Kansas City facility was created to provide best-in class cargo management solutions for its Ford Transit customers.
* 2G Riding into the Sunset - AT&T is in the process of discontinuing its use of 2G technology.  This will impact fleets' use of GPS and telematics technology.  What fleet managers can do to keep operations running smoothly is shared.


*  2014 Green Fleet Conference Gives Buisness Case for Alt-Fuels - Returning to Schaumburg, IL, 2014's Green Fleet Conference gave attendees a comprehensive overview of the alternative fuels market through a mix of traditional and interactive presentations.
* Grant Go-Getters Embrace the 'Green Side' in Pennsylvania - The Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation is blazing a sustainable trail for private and public fleets in the Keystone State.  The Alliance has helped secure grants for numerous fleets.
* Inventives Help Bolster Business Case for NGVs - While not something to depend on, when available, incentives can help reduce the overall cost of a natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleet.
* A More Affordable Way to Comply with Diesel Emissions Standards - New diesel emissions control systems significantly reduce four main emissions at a lower cost.  The technologies have the additional advantage of improving vehicle perforrmance.


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