Automotive Fleet - August 2016

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* Charting Fleet Accidents by the Numbers (COVER STORY)

While fleets are seeing some improvements in their crash and accident statistics, aided by better training and vehicle safety technology, there is still more they can do to not just be a number.

* General Motors 2017 Fleet Preview

GM's assessment of the commercial fleet market is upbeat with a forecase that there will be a continuation of today's steady pace of business activity for the balance of this year and into next, particularly for trucks, utilities, and vans.

* FCA's Kommor Speaks About Fleet Toda7 & the Future

Since taking on the leadership role of fleet sales for FCA US in 2015, Jeff Kommor has been committed to making commercial customers a priority.

* Navigating a Lane Change Safely and Efficiently

Changing lanes is among the most basic traffic maneuvers, but heavy traffic or driver inattention can cause crashes.  There are simple steps that fleet drivers can take to make lane changes safely and with confidence.

* ARI Builds on High-Tech Foundation

The fleet management company's new Technology and Innovation Center is designed to inspire its employees and continue to serve its fleet clients with the level of service they have come to expect.

* Shaping Driver Behavior

Telematics has changed the way fleet vehicles are managed -- and improving fleet operations and efficiency -- but, as a consequence, has also changed driver behavior for the better.

* Union Leasing Discusses Growth Strategy to Diversify Portfolio

Important components to Union Leasing's strategy to expand its fleet services footprint are two recent acquisitions: Walser Financial Services, which includes the Walser Leasing business unit, and Express 4X4 Truck Rental.

* Global Fleet Conference In Brussels Is a Success

Over 300 people attended the sell-out conference.  The two-day event, which was in its fourth year, featured presentations that offered material for attendees to take back to their fleets.


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