Automotive Fleet - December 2015

COVER STORY: * Taking a Byte out of Big Data * Ford Fusion Names 2015 Fleet Car of the Year * 2015 Fleet Truck of the Year: The Ram 1500


* Ford Fusion Named 2015 Fleet Car of the Year

The Ford Fusion was once again named the Fleet Car of the Year by fleet managers in an online ballot.

* 2015 Fleet Truck of the Year: The Ram 1500

The fleet truck of the year's diesel variant delivers up to 29 mpg and towing capability up to 9,200 pounds, making it the standout among its competitors.

* Taking a Byte out of Big Data (COVER STORY)

Fleet managers are confronted with more data at their finger tips than ever before.  The challenge is turning it into action.

* Operating Cost Trends for Class 3-6 Trucks in 2015 - 2016

Although the largerst operating cost continues to be fuel, the No. 1 challenge facing medium-duty fleets is cost containment.

* Evaluating Existing Supplier Contracts the Smart Way

There are occasions when fleet managers willl need to review and evaluate existing supplier contracts.

* Drowsy Driving on the Rise

A growing cause for concern, drowsy driving is a major safety threat.  Fleet manager and drivers must recognize the signs of fatigue or tiredness.

* Holman Automotive Celebrates More than 90 Years in Business

After more than 90 years in business, Holman Automotive also celebrates 67 years in fleet by founding ARI in 1948.

* Element Holds 2015 Fleet Roundtable

The annual Roundtable is designed to bring together clients with industry experts to help them gain a deeper insight into fleet trends, emerging technologies, and effective fleet solutions.

* Global Fleet Market by Region

The full 16-page special report will appear in the online edition of AF magazine.  The report includes detailed regional analyzes of the fleet markets in Europe, Australasia, China, India, South America, Mexico, and Canada.


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Automotive Fleet Magazine - December 2015