Automotive Fleet - February 2016

COVER STORY: * Telematics: From Dots on the Map to All-Emcompassing Data Management Tool * *


* Powertrain Advances Efficiently Drive Ahead at Top Speed

After several years of few new developments, engines and transmissions are experiencing a period of renewed and transformative changes.

* Simplifying Fuel Managment & Analysis

Technology can help take millions of points of vehicle-generated data and make it actionable to manage fuel usage and overall speed.

* Wheels Provides Fleets With Reimbursement Option

Many fleets may need both a leasing and reimbursement solution.  But, deciding what program fits what segment of your fleet may seem challenging.  Wheels has a solution.

* Telematics: FromDots on a Map to All-Encompassing Data Management Tool (COVER STORY)

Telematics technology has seen sweeping changes over the past decade, going from a limited location-only solution to an all-encompassing vehicle and personnel management tool.  The future is expected to include predictive-analytics.

* Depreciation Steady for 2015, Future Forecasts Are In

Vehicle depreciation is impacted by a number of factors, from supply and demand to overall economic conditions.  While 2015 was a relatively stable year for depreciation, some challenges are on the road ahead.

* Molding a Defensive Driver

Defensive driving techniques allow fleet drivers to combat on-the-road hazards.


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Automotive Fleet Magazine - February 2016