Automotive Fleet - February 2017

COVER STORY: * State of the Art Fleet Technology * *


* Data & Analytics Transforms Fueling

Fuel is perennially one of the top fleet expenses.  Thanks to a new array of technology, fleet managers now have the means to get the most fuel for their dollars.

* Driver Monitoring & Data to Support Driver Safety

Upcoming safety tech for fleets includes more solutions that will preemptively predict potential crashes to ultimately remediate the issue.

* Telematics Is Routing Fleets to the Future (COVER STORY)

Telematics and GPS technology have come a long way from just reporting positioning.  Today's technology offers fleets a fuller picture of vehicle operations.

* New Tech That Can Change Fleets

Autonomous vehicles, drone technology, and connected-vehicle systems are just a few concepts that are part of a wave of innovations that could change the way fleets do business.

* Element Debuts All-New Fleet Management System Called Xcelerate

While fleet data volume expected to increase 50-fold in the near future, Element has built an all-new technology platform based on Cassandra, a highly scalable, high-performance distributed database with advanced analytics.

* Strategies for Balancing Safety & Productivity

Proper scheduling and workload balance can bring out the best in a fleet driver.


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Automotive Fleet Magazine - February 2017