Automotive Fleet - January 2018

COVER STORY: * Top Trends in Executive Fleet Management *

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* Trends in Executive Management (COVER STORY)

While the way fleets define and perceive executive fleet management has changed in recent years, companies still lean heavily on pre-existing methods in executive fleet management as a way to recruit and retain top talent.

* 2017 Fleet Depreciation Aided By Hurricanes

Typical seasonal highs and lows were disrupted this year due to a run of natural disasters destroying hundreds of thousands of vehicles and causing a surge in replacement activity.  Overall fleet depreciation improved this year.

* Keegan Named CEO of Merchants Fleet Management

Brendan P. Keegan brings a unique perspective as CEO, based on having served as a client, board advisor, and business partner.  As a client, he gained firsthand experience of Merchants service capabilities, as a board advisor he provided strategic guidance, and as a business partner he learned the inner-workings of the company.

* Meet Ford's Michele Bartlett

A dynamic industry and the people she gets to work with every day are just two reasons why Bartlett has spent 28 years with Ford Motor Co.

* Fuel Card Fraud Doubles in 2016 & Doubles Again in 2017

The most important fuel card fraud strategy is to do everything possible to avoid it from happening in the first place.  The key to preventing fraud is to educate drivers so they are aware of the risks and vulnverabilities.

* ARI's Best in Fleet Symposium

ARI's second annual Best in Fleet Symposium hosted over 150 ARI clients and included former NFL star Emmitt Smith and Ted Graham, head of open innovation at General Motors, as keynote speakers.

* New Products and Safety Tech Fuel Toyota Fleet Sales in 2018

Fleet represents 10% of all Toyota sales.  In MY-2018, two new Toyota models debuted, the all-new Camry and Prius Prime plug-in hybrid.  Also, Toyota Safety Sense became standard in nearly all Toyotas in MY-2018.

* Wheels Inc. 2017 Results + Fleet Performance Summit

Over 100 of Wheels Inc.'s clients attended the company's 2017 Results + Fleet Performance Summit held in downtown Chicago.


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