Automotive Fleet - July 2016

COVER STORY: * Forecast: 2017-MY Buying * *


* 2017-MY Buying Inclinations Points to a Stable Order Year (COVER STORY)

The majority of commercial fleets report they will acquire approximately the same number of vehicles in the 2017 model-year as they did in the preceding year.  However, energy-sector fleets signal decreased new-vehicle orders.

* 15 Misperceptions that Limit Success

Fleet manager misperceptions about how to treat customers, when to take risks, and the consequences of changing or not changing operational processes can hold the fleet and its manager back.

* 12 Nominated for 2016 Professional Fleet Manager of the Year Award

The slate of 2016 Professional Fleet Manager of the Year nominees have diverse experience, but share the common qualities of passion and the drive for excellence.

* 2016 Fleet Hall of Fame Nominees Named

These 19 nominees have fleet careers that span more than 10 years.  The winning nominees will be chronicled with the Hall of Fame's 72 previous nominees.

* How to Achieve Fleet Safety Program Best Practices

Safety programs are designed to give fleets and drivers proactive tools to create a safety mindset and avoid a driving catastrophe altogether.

* How To Keep Tires Going in the Heat

A few proper maintenance techniques can keep tires healthy and prevent blowouts.

* Ford Gives Fleet Managers a Glimpse of Mobility's Future

During Ford's Spring 2016 Fleet Advisory Board meeting, fleet managers received an overview of the automaker's near-term and long-term direction.

* 2017-MY Fleet Incentives

Thirteen manufacturers have released fleet incentives for their 2017 models.  They range from $250 for the Mazda MX-5 Miata to $8,000 for the Nissan LEAF.  Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, and Volkswagen will announce their incentives later this year.


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Automotive Fleet Magazine - July 2016
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