Automotive Fleet - June 2015

SPECIAL TWO-PART REPORT: * Options in Creating a Fleet Safety Program * 10 Key Elements In Outsourcing a Fleet Safety Program

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   How To Create an In-House Fleet Safety Program - Providing for the safety of company drivers is a fleet manager's most important responsibility.  A formal fleet safety program is a crucial foundation for creating a safe fleet.

   10 Key Elements In Outsourcing a Fleet Safety Program - As the resources and staff that fleet managers have available continue to dwindle, outsourcing becomes a more important option.  Nowhere is this more evident than when putting together a safety program.


* ARI to Create a One-Business Mind-Set with Parent Holman

   ARI recently initiated a global strategic plan that focuses on greater technology-based services, expansion of its fleet business into additional European nations, and deeper penetration into the commercial truck market.

* Small to Mid-Size Fleets Key to Future Growth of Motorlease

   Motorlease CEO Beth Kandrysawtz's strategy is to focus on the needs of the company's core clients in the small to mid-sized fleet market.

* Grappling with Glare

   Whether driving during a sunny day or a traffic-filled night filled with bright headlights, drivers can take a number of steps to both prevent glare from happening and manage glare on the road.

* Keeping In Touch with Drivers on the Job and on the Road

   Telematics is offering fleets efficient and safe ways to stay in two-way contact in real-time with their drivers on and off the road.


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