Automotive Fleet - June 2018

COVER STORY: * Safety Metrics Reverse

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Safety Metrics Reverse in Negative Direction as Incidents Increase (COVER STORY)

The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20%.  Even with vehicle safety technology proliferating, traffic deaths are on the rise after years of decline.  The culprit for the increase in fatalities is distracted driving.

COOP by Ryder Brings Life to Underutilized Assets

Ryder has created a new service that aims to provide revenue for fleets with underutilized assets by creating a new purpose for these often unused vehicles.

The Evolution of the Fleet Dealer

The responsibilities for fleet dealers has transformed through the years.  Changes in the automotive and fleet industries have impacted the fleet dealer in many ways and the role has had to adapt to stay afloat.

Meet GM's Jennifer Costabile

With an eye toward the future, Costabile focuses on relationship building, networking, and growth.

How Disruption is Affecting the Auto Industry

Bob White, president of ARI, talks disruption in the automotive industry and howi it will affect many businesses with close ties to it, including those in wholesale marketing, health care, and accident litigation.


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Automotive Fleet Magazine - June 2018