Automotive Fleet - March 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: * 2016-CY Car Maintenance Trends & Analyses * *


* Fleet Car Maintenace Costs Decline 2.2% in CY-2016

The year-over-year decline in fleet passenger car maintenance expenses was primarily driven by a 7% reduction in replacement tire costs and lower fees to rent replacement rental vehicles while the company car was in the shop.

* Fleet Preventative Maintenance Costs Remain Flat in CY-2016

Extended oil-drain intervals and flat labor costs have helped to offset increases in the cost of motor oil because of the expanded use of synthetic oils.  Higher labor costs in CY-2017 may exert upward pressure on PM costs.

* Passenger Car Replacement Tire Costs Decline 7% in 2017

However, passenger care tire prices are anticipated to increase in CY-2017.  The key factors influencing future replacement tire prices are the cost of materials and the continuiing trend to larger diameter and unique tire sizes.

* Element Buyes CEI Group to Operate as Standalone Entity

The CEI Group and Element Fleet Management North America will operate as separate entities.  Each reports to Element Fleet Management Corp., the parent company in Toronoto.  CEI will operate under the CEI brand name.

* Fleet to Be Impacted by Broader Procurement Trends

Just as with fleet management, there are many disruptive changes anticipated in the broader discipline of corporate procurement, much of it technologically driven.  Many of these changes will directly impact fleet sourcing decisions.

* The Alarming Rise of Distracted Pedestrians

While drivers know to be wary of distracted motorists, recent data shows they also need to be on the lookout for distracted walkers.

* Fleet Response Purchased by Founder's Son

Three decades after starting as a sales associate, Scott Mawaka gains control of the fleet safety service provider.


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Automotive Fleet Magazine - March 2017