Automotive Fleet - May 2015

SPECIAL REPORT: * Industry Report Card: OEMs * Industry Report Card: FMCs Featured Articles Include: * Why GE Decided to Sell Its Fleet Services Business * Fleet Managers Get Total Immersion * How to Manage Fuel Expenses Like a Pro

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   Industry Report Card: OEMs - The results are in for the third annual industry report card, validating that OEM fleet operations continue to do a very good job in meeting the needs of commercial fleet managers.  However, there is room for further improvement.

   Industry Report Card: FMCs - In the second part of this year's fleet industry report card, fleet managers give their feedback about what fleet management companies (FMCs) are doing right and where they have a need for improvement.


* Why GE Decided to Sell Its Fleet Services Business

   Although GE Capital Fleet Services has had strong annual revenue growth and a significant product development agenda, its upcoming sale is part of a larger strategic plan by its parent company to focus on its core industrial businesses.

* Fleet Managers Get Total Immersion

   Ford Motor Co. gave commercial fleet users the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of the all-new F-150, including putting the iconic pickup through its paces on the test track.

* How to Manage Fuel Expenses LIke a Pro

   The cost of fuel remains a tough line item to budget for.  With prices currently at their lowest in years, what can fleet managers expect in the future?

* How to Stay Out of a Truck's 'No Zone'

   Drivers can share the road with large trucks more safely by maintaining appropriate speed, passing trucks safely but quickly, being visually aware of the environment, and keeping an appropriate distance.

* 2015 Chrysler 200 Targets the Mid-Size Sedan Fleet Market

    The 2015 Chrysler 200 is all-new from the ground up and is the first mid-size sedan with a standard 9-speed automatic transmission and rotary dial electronic shifting.  If offers two engine choices and an all-wheel-drive model. 


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