Automotive Fleet - November 2015

SPECIAL REPORT SECTION: * Operating Costs are Flat for Third Consecutive Year * Annual Operating Cost Survey * Analysis of Fleet Fuel Spend Trends in 2015 & 2016 Forecast


* Annual Operating Cost Survey

A number of variables are keeping fuel operating costs flat, primarily the dramatic drop in fuel prices that began three years ago, but also extended maintenance intervals and lower commodity prices to manufacture tires.

* Analysis of Fleet Fuel Spend Trends in 2015 & 2016 Forecast

With fuel being 60 percent of total operating costs, lower per-gallon prices have put downward pressure on total fleet costs.  The 2016 forecast is for continued price stability.

* Stable Commodity Prices Keep Replacement Tire Costs Flat

During CY-2015, replacement tire prices have remained stable compared to the prior year.

* Fleet Maintenance and Repair Costs Decrease in CY-2015

Key factors contributing to this decline were extended maintenance intervals and high vehicle quality.

* Extended Oil Drain Intervals Mitigate Increased PM Expense

Improvements in engine design and onboard oil life monitoring technology, along with improved oil quality and the use of synthetic oils, have extended oil drain intervals and served to decrease the frequency of PM services.


* Tire Pressure & Vehicle-Related Maintenance

Ensuring frequent tire inspections and knowing the difference between a proper and improper tire repair is critical to safe fleet operations.

* 2015 Toyota Fleet Executive Meeting

Toyota Motor Sales USA held its annual business meeting and product review June 17-19 in Laguna Niguel, Calif.  More than 150 fleet professionals were in attendance.

* Donlen Starts a New Era With a Focus on Cultivating Innovation

From humble beginnings in 1965, Donlen's vehicle portfolio grew rapidly from 5,000 vehicles in 1970 to 144,000 in 2011 when it was acquired by Hertz.  As Donlen marks its 50th anniversary, how will it evolve in the future?

* AFLA The Future Was Now

The Annual Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) conference gave attendees a glimpse of what they can expect in the coming years.


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