Automotive Fleet - November 2016

COVER STORY: * George Survant: 2016 AF Professional Fleet Manager of the Year * Special Report: 2016 Operating Costs *


* George Survant: 2016 AF Professional Fleet Manager of the Year (COVER STORY)

Survant was honored during the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) conference in San Diego.

* Fleet Managers Are Meeting Change Head On

Fleet Managers are taking industry changes in stride and are successfully adapting to this brave new world.

* 2016 Fleet Hall of Fame Inductees

Recognized industry leaders and pioneers contribute significantly to the commercial fleet management experience.

SPECIAL REPORT: 2016 Operating Costs

* Operating Costs Remain Flat for Fourth Consecutive Year

With fuel representing 60% of a fleet's total operating costs, lower fuel prices are keeping overall fleet costs flat.

* Analysis of Fleet Fuel Spend in 2016 & the Forecast for 2017

The stability of gasoline and diesel pricing over the past 36 months has been the No. 1 factor contributing to keeping fleet operating costs flat.

* Stable Commodity Prices Keep Replacement Tire Costs Flat

Replacement tire prices for CY-2016 are flat because of less volatility in the global prices of commodities used to manufacture tires, namely oil, rubber, and steel.

* Fleet Maintenance & Repair Costs Remain Flat in CY-2016

The primary factor keeping prices flat was overall vehicle quality.

* PM Transaction Costs Up But Longer Intervals Keep Costs Flat

The auto OEMs continue to adopt more stringent motor oil requirements, which increases the cost of each PM service.

* How to Curb Aggressive Driving Behaviors

Speeding, sudden lane changes, and failure to yield are the most common aggressive driving behaviors that lead to fatal crashes.

* VW & Audi 2017 Fleet Preview

More than 90 fleet managers and suppliers attended the two-day fleet preview, which included product demonstrations and ride-and-drive.


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