Automotive Fleet - October 2015

Featured Articles Include: * Brenda Davis Named 2015 AF Professional Fleet Manager of the Year * The Changing World of Fleet * Strong 2015 Truck & Van Sales Constrain Rails to Delay OTD

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* Brenda Davis Named 2015 AF Professional Fleet Manager of the Year

Brenda Davis, Baker Hughes' fleet commodity manager, was honored as the Professional Fleet Manager of the Year for her career accomplishments at the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA)'s annual conference.

* The Changing World of Fleet

While sometimes challenging, there is no denying that the world of fleet management is changing.

* Strong 2015 Truck & Van Sales Constrain Rails to Delay OTD

Increased demand for trucks and high-roof vans slowed rail shipments due to the limited number of rail cars that can accommodate these larger vehicles.

* Three New Inductees Join 2015 Fleet Hall of Fame

Established in 2008 and totaling 72 inductees, the newest members to the Fleet Hall of Fame were honored at the 2015 Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association conference, September 15 in Nashville.

* Element Discusses Integration Strategy

Element acquired GE Capital's fleet assets in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.  The U.S. portion of the agreement has closed, with Mexico, Australia and New Zealand expected to close in the fourth-quarter.

* 4 Ways to Reduce Accident Rates & Costs

Fleet policy, driver training and education, use of both in-vehicle and telematics technology, and a review of repair processes and costs can all lead to substantial reductions in accidents and related costs.

* Gamification: Making the Leap from 'Big Brother' to Fun

Gamification and telematics are going hand-in-hand to improve driver safety and efficiency.

* Park with Extreme Caution

A balance of both technology and old-fashioned driver training can be used by fleet managers to eliminate common vehicle collisions.

* Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Updates Lineup for 2016

FCA put its entire refreshed MY-2016 lineup on display, showcasing its commercial trucks and vans, for testing in various conditions.

* Car Hauler Industry Addresses the Challange of Capacity

With the upswing in the economy, times are good for the car hauler industry.  However, the 2008-2018 recession left the industry with significant challenges that need to be overcome.


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