Automotive Fleet - September 2015

Featured Articles Include: * The Impact of Seasonal Price Patterns on Fleet Returns * Personal-Use Charges Increase to $128 in 2015 * 2015 Fleet Safety Conference Inspires Action

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* The Impact of Seasonal Price Patterns on Fleet Returns

Used-vehicle secondary market price patterns show that auction prices are influenced by seasonal factors.

* Personal-Use Charges Increase to $128 in 2015

Year-over-year average monthly personal-use charges increased by $5 per month and fleet managers report continued struggles educating drivers on the importance of accurate reporting.

* 2015 Fleet Safety Conference Inspires Action

Fleet managers and stakeholders learned firsthand how to avoid safety pitfalls and improve efficiency and even sustainability through communication, technology and training.

* Hyundai Continues to Expand Commercial Fleet Market Share

Hyundai has been hard at work over the past five years keeping a strong focus on commercial fleet.  Five years later, we catch back up to see how things are coming along.

* Deciding to Charge Deductibles for Preventable Accidents

In no way a new discussion, the decision whether to charge a deductible for preventable accidents should be careflly considered and administered.

* 2016-MY GM Fleet Preview

More than 850 fleet managers and fleet suppliers had an opportunity to test drive 180 GM vehicles at the company's 2016 Fleet Preview.

* Keeping Light- & Medium-Duty Trucks Safely on the Road

Regardless of the size of the trucks in a fleet, drivers must observe safety precautions at all times, from inspection to destination and back.

* Volkswagen & Audi Showcase Products at 2015 Fleet Preview

VW and Audi held a joint fleet preview in Atlanta to showcase their 2016 model-year product lineups.

* Dispelling CNG Safety Myths

While there are myths and misconceptions that compressed natural gas (CNG) is not as safe as other fuels, facts say otherwise.


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