Business Fleet Magazine - January/February 2017

COVER STORY: * Cool Custom Vans *

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* Recouping a Better Return When Selling Fleet Vehicles - By implementing one or two new strategies -- such as timing sales based on mileage or seasonality or considering purchasing options -- small fleet operators can return more money to their fleet's bottom line.

* Equipping Vehicles to Operate Through the Winter: Service fleets share their insights on how to convert vehicles for winter as well as how they deal with the challenges of cold weather and harsh roads.

* Chevrolet Malibu Wins 2016 Fleet Car of the Year - The ninth-generation Malibu, unveiled in early 2015, beat out 28 cars to earn the honor.

* Ford F-150 Wins 2016 Fleet Truck of the Year  - The F-150 won for the third time in six years, beating out 37 trucks to earn the honor.

* Creative Van Customization (COVER STORY) - Learn how these small companies customized their Ford Transit vans to fit their business needs.

* Managing Without a Fleet Manager - By leasing and outsourcing aspects of fleet management, this health care company has added 26 new fleet vehicles to its home care service.


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Business Fleet Magazine - January/February 2017