Business Fleet Magazine - January/February 2018

COVER STORY: * Service Fleets Cuts Idle Time across 6 Msrkets, 54 Vehicles *

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* Understanding Metrics: What Is Your Fleet Telling You?  - Do you have a firm grasp on your fleet's downtime, fuel spend, unit damage, rental bill, and tire expense?  For the small truck fleets that fly by the seat of their pants, this article is for you.

* How To Choose Racks and Bins - Racks and bins turn trucks and vans into mobile workshops.  With an abundance of options available to fleet managers, here's all you need to know about these organizational devices.

* 6 Markets, 4 States, 54 Vehicles: How To Manage a Dispersed Fleet (COVER STORY) - Though this service company's fleet is spread across six locations nationwide, it was still able to cut idle time by up to 200 hours a month.

* How Leasing Helped a Salad Dressing Maker Go National  - For Ken's Foods, makers of Ken's Salad Dressings, the long-standing relationship with its fleet lessor allowed the fleet to grow seamlessly as the company evoled into a national brand.

* 2017 Fleet Truck of the Year: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Since it last won the award in 2013, the Silverado has continued to improve elements that are important to fleets.

* 2017 Fleet Car of the Year: Ford Fusion - With six awards, the Fusion has won more times than any other vehicle.  The latest refresh boasts the addition of adaptive cruise control and two new trim levels.


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Business Fleet Magazine - January/February 2018