Business Fleet Magazine - July/August 2015

Featured Articles Include: * Safety First * How Much Does Driving Style Affect MPG? * Hybrid Conversion Cuts Fuel Usage by 30%

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* Safety First - Fleet managers are using telematics to promote safe driving by recording speed, harsh acceleration and harsh braking incidents, and then using the data to coach drivers.
* How Much Does Driving Style Affect MPG? - We conducted three tests using an in-vehicle data logger with surprising results.
* Hybrid Conversion Cuts Fuel Usage by 30% - This heating and cooling company represents a good test case for an aftermarket electric drive system due to its daily stop-and-go service routes.
* Old School Plumbing Fleet Goes High Tech -A telematics system, digital inventory control and pipe cameras have helped this small plumbing company create a more efficient working process - while improving and speeding up its customer service.


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