Business Fleet Magazine - July/August 2016

COVER STORY: * Telematics to the Extreme *

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* Telematics Unbound: Using the Untapped 50% of Your System (COVER STORY) - After realizing the basic benefits of vehicle tracking, fleet operators are starting to use telematics systems to forecast demand, track historial trends, protect against false claims, and automate hours of service.
* Truck Purchasing to Leasing: 10 Questions to Answer - There are any ways to lease trucks, many types of lease providers, and a multitude of truck configurations.  Here's a primer to help you navigate the decision.

* 'Fleet Reduces Fuel Expense by Converting to Propane - After converting 10 of its Chevrolet Express cargo vans from gasoline to propane autogas, this beverage fleet saved approximately $10,000 in fuel costs in less than a year.
* Creating an Eye-Catching Vehicle Wrap (Without Going Overboard) - Featuring a photo so detailed it reveals a mosquito's hairs, this startup pest control company's vehicle wrap stands out on the road, helping to market its brand and business.

* How to Get Drivers to Take Better Care of Fleet Vehicles - Follow these steps - both the carrot and the stick - to improve the way drivers take care of their vehicles.


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Business Fleet Magazine - July/August 2016
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