Business Fleet Magazine - March/April 2017

COVER STORY: * Summit Landscape New Vehicles Increase Uptime, Morale *

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* How Small Fleets Manage Recalls - Auto manufacturers, dealers, and fleet operators weight in on ways to hone the recall repair process.

* Defining the Small Fleet Manager: Business Fleet conducted a survey and talked to several small service and vocational fleets to learn more about how they handle in-house fleet duties - and whether they outsource particular duties to a third party.

* Landscape Fleet Shortens Truck Lives From 15 to Five Years (COVER STORY) - This landscape company decided to try leasing to maintain newer vehicles in its fleet.  So far, the newer trucks have decreased maintenance downtime and improved employee morale.

* Delivery Fleet's Van Reaches 500K Miles  - While newer vehicles are extending lifecycles beyond previous models, one fleet van hit the half-million-mile mark.


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Business Fleet Magazine - March/April 2017