Business Fleet Magazine - March/April 2018

COVER STORY: * Catering Toronto-The Art and Science of Fleet Routing *

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* ELD Rule: Three Paths to Compliance  - Three small fleets share their methods to choose and implement electronic logging device (ELD) systems, integrate electronic compliance into their business processes, instruct drivers, and manage enforcement under the new rules.

* Connection Points - Verizon Connect unifies three leading telematics providers on a single platform that offers a wide range of compelling and "future-proof" solutions, services, and features to commercial fleet customers.

* Gourmet Caterer Hones the Art and Science of Fleet Routing (COVER STORY) - With a delivery window of a mere 15 minutes, Toronto-based Marigolds & Onions uses fleet routing and scheduling software to manage details such as driving time between routes, details of each stop and time spent, and even food type.

* Reefer (Un) Madness: A Fleet Grows with the Cannabis Industry  - Hardcar Security's armored Ford Transits haul cannabis and cash for California growers and dispensaries.  The company is a focal point for establishing logistics and transportation best practices to help this nascent industry mature.


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Business Fleet Magazine - March/April 2018