Business Fleet Magazine - May/June 2016

COVER STORY: * New Safety Tech Migrates to Vans *

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* Van Go: Focus on Safety (COVER STORY) - In the light-duty van market, safety has become a priority for fleet buyers and manufacturers.
* First Interview: New President of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America -A 29-year veteran, Shaun Skinner was promoted to president of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America from his role of executive vice president and general manager.

* 'Gamification' Helps Fleet Focus on Driver Safety - This growing service fleet promotes driver safety through a connected car platform that tracks each driver's behind-the-wheel habits - and scores them.
* Equipping a Truck for All Seasons - In North Pole, Alaska, the weather dictates the working seasons.  This service company has a workaround, equipping its trucks to take on work in any weather.


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Business Fleet Magazine - May/June 2016