Business Fleet Magazine - May/June 2017

COVER STORY: * Vehicle Wraps - Make Business Flow for Idaho Springs Water *

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* Vehicle Wraps: Eye Candy for Your Brand (COVER STORY) - Providing thousands of visual impressions - and thumbs-up at stoplights - vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums for fleets.  But proper design is essential to grab a potential client's attention in 4 to 6 seconds.

* Turning Drivers into Brand Ambassadors - These real-world insights reveal how to instill in your drivers the tools to further your company's brand value in the field and positively impact client relationships.

* The Importance of Banning Phone Use in Your Fleet - Despite varying state laws, fleet drivers must consider the dangers of using a cellphone while driving.

* Delivery Fleet Customizes Low Cab Forward Truck  - Using the new Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck chassis, this delivery fleet added a customized bed to better transport its power equipment to customers.

* Produce Company Experiments With Alt-Fuel Options - Testa Produce wanted environmentally-friendly solutions for its fleet.  See how its implementation of electric motors, biodiesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) options fared.

* Specialized 'Mobile Kitchens' Keep Delivery Food Warm - With the right outfit, several of Phil's BBQ's delivery vehicles feature a specialized body to keep food at the right temperature and delivered within an hour.


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Business Fleet Magazine - May/June 2017
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