Business Fleet Magazine - September/October 2016

COVER STORY: * Dreaming of a Better Mobile Office? *

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* Mobile Offices: New Tools, Tech for Road Warriors (COVER STORY) - As more fleets are able to take their work on the road, custom upfits are providing a more comfortable and efficient workspace for employees - from portable desks to executive lounges with TVs, storage areas, and conference space.
* Putting GM's Commercial Link to the Test: The editorial staffs of Automotive Fleet and Business Fleet jumped feet first into telematics tracking with GM's new Commercial Link solution.  The results and implications of this real-world test were eye opening.

* 'Lease or Expense? Health Care Fleet Offers Choice of Drivers - Solace Home Healthcare allows its clinicians to expense their personal vehicles or use a leased vehicle for a set monthly payment - for both professional and personal use.
* Domino's DXP: Hot Pizza, Cool Vehicle - Domino's Pizza is now operating a customized delivery vehicle - complete with a warming oven, front and rear storage for pizzas, and compartments that can hold dipping sauces, soda, and other menu items.

* Service Fleet Improves MPG by 18% - Using a regenerative braking and assist system, this service fleet has seen an approximate 18% mpg improvement on its vans - as well as an increase in productivity with its drivers spending less time at the pump.

* Long-Term Impact of Longer Truck Replacement Cycles - The more expensive the asset, the longer it is kept in service; however, the need for short-term cost savings prompts some fleets to even further extend cycling parameters and defer replacements.  But, what are the consequences?


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Business Fleet Magazine - September/October 2016
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