Fleet Financials Magazine - January/February 2018

COVER STORY: * Accident Management Best Practices * *

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* Keeping Fleet Accident Rates Low in an Increasingly Hazardous Environment (COVER STORY) - Accident rates in the U.S. have been growing in recent years.  Fleets now have to use best practices to tackle the increasingly difficult task of keeping their drivers safe while the roads they're driving on are becoming more dangerous.

* Centralizing vs. Decentralizing Fleet Responsibility - A fleet manager's main thrust is to protect the vehicular asset base of the organization.  That base typically touches the entire organization in many ways.
* ARI Pushes for Open-End Leases in Europe - Technological advancements, as well as regulatory changes, may change the criteria of how fleets in Europe will decide between a closed-end or open-end model.
* What Do Fleet Operators Think About Telematics Solutions? - Use of GPS fleet management systems has continued to grow ever since the technology was introduced to the fleet industry.

* Preparing for Upcoming Disruptive Fleet Change - Observing technological impacts of other industries may provide insights into how looming changes could redefine fleets.  The magnitude of the disruption will be greater than what fleets have faced before.

* State of the Commercial Fleet Market in China - The new-vehicle market has been up and down for the 2017 calendar-year, but demand for SUVs and luxury vehicles continues to remain strong.  Overall, sales growth rate for 2017 has been lower than prior years.


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Fleet Financials Magazine - January/February 2018