Fleet Financials Magazine - March/April 2017

COVER STORY: * Best Practices in Accident Management Programs * *

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* Best Practices of an Accident Management Program (COVER STORY) -Fleets should look for a program that is transparent in what it has to offer.

* How to Stretch Your Fleet Dollars - What can a commercial fleet manager do to get the biggest bang from the finite dollars in an annual fleet budget?  What practices or initiatives can be implemented to minimize waste or leverage programs to gain greater efficiencies?
* Avoid Becoming a Prisoner of 'Legacy Behavior' - Everyone, at times, becomes a slave to what has worked in the past.  That's how we've always done it, we say.  But in a rapidly changing fleet world, legacy behavior isn't always the best way.
* How to Deal with Arbitrary Management Edicts - Fleet managers often must deal with a number of so-called "vehicle experts" within the company, sometimes including those who hold senior management positions.  Here's how to deal with the irrational ideas they propose.
* Leaner, Cleaner, and Greener - New greenhouse gas regulations will drive greater use of aerodynamics and light weighting in truck designs - and could accelerate the comeback of hybrid and all-electric drivetrains.


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Fleet Financials Magazine - March/April 2017