Fleet Financials Magazine - May/June 2016

Featured Articles Include: * 50 Ways to Reduce Fleet Fuel Spend (COVER STORY) * How to Implement a Fuel Hedging Program * Open-End Versus Closed-End Leasing

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* 50 Ways to Reduce Fleet Fuel Spend (COVER STORY) - Ensuring the efficiency of fuel spend is a paramount concern for fleet managers.  With the current ebb and flow of gasoline and diesel prices, fleet managers need to develop effective methods for controlling costs.
* How to Implement a Fuel Hedging Program - Fleets can manage the risk of rising fuel prices with financial instruments known as fuel hedges.
* Mission: Vehicle Recovery - Retrieving vehicles from terminated employees can present a seemingly daunting challenge to fleet managers, but transport companies can help fleets overcome any obstacles to safely and securely recover the company's vehicles.
* The 2016 Buick Encore is Both Fun to Drive and Utilitarian - The all-wheel-drive Encore Sport Touring model is a small crossover utility vehicle that is powered by a peppy 1.4L turbo engine.
* Open-End Versus Closed-End Leasing - Fleets have a number of leasing options available to them.  The choice comes down to how much risk a fleet wants to take or how much control it needs.

* Lessor Milestones: Enterprise Fleet Management - With almost 60 years in the fleet business, Enterprise provides full-service fleet management for companies, government agencies, and organizations operating medium-sized fleets of 20 or more vehicles, as well as those seeking an alternative to employee reimbursement programs.

* Form, Function, and Economics: Choosing Between Vans and Pickups - Money considerations drive much of the decision making when choosing vans or pickups, but function also plays a crucial role.


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Fleet Financials Magazine - May/June 2016