Government Fleet - January/February 2017

* COVER STORY: * Should you Outsource Police Upfitting? *

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* Police Upfitting: In-House or Outsource?(COVER STORY) - Whether a public agency upfits its own police vehicles or sends them out depends on a variety of factors.  Here's why agencies choose their methods and some best practices they've learned from years of experience.
* Lessons Learned After Hurricane Matthew -  Months after Hurricane Matthew hit parts of the Southeast United States, fleet managers reflect on what they did successfully, what to change in the future, and how other fleets can learn from their experience.

* Surviving Politics in Public Fleet - Common risks emerge for fleet management from politics, both internal and external, and the impact can be subtle or not so subtle.  How do successful fleet managers deal with these risks?

* Reducing Costs by Sharing Software - Too cash-strapped to purchase a robust fleet management software system? Sharing it with nearby agencies could be the solution.

* Choosing Motor Pool Over Reimbursement - Establishing a motor pool for employee use rather than reimbursing for every trip can result in lower costs, higher utilization, and a more efficient fleet operation.  But it has its limitations.

* Analyst Training: Understanding the 'Why' - In analyzing data, it's not just the fleet software system that fleet analysts need to understand  it's also the fleet business itself.


* A Telehandler With a Broader Reach

* A Remote-Controlled Slope Mower


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Government Fleet Magazine - January/February 2017