Government Fleet - January/February 2018

COVER STORY: * Leaving a (GREEN) Mark - Achieving a Cleaner Fleet on a Budget * *

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* Low-Budget Greening (COVER STORY)

From becoming a more environmentally friendly shop to increasing utilization and right-sizing vehicles, fleets can take a number of steps for a cleaner fleet and operation.

* Achieving Fleet Reduction

One way fleets can reduce their vehicle count is by pooling their vehicles.  But where do you start?  Fleets share some tips to help get the ball rolling.

Plus: How one agency is taking fleet reduction to the next level with ride hailing services.

* What to Include in A Driver Safety Policy

When a fleet is writing or updating a driver safety policy, these five can't-miss categories can help start a policy off right.

* Small Fleets' Biggest Challenges

Small and large government fleets suffer many of the same headaches.  But staffing issues are just one of several unique challenges that small fleets face.

* What Elected Officials & City Managers Want You to Know

Experts in fleet management and municipal governance share advice for public-sector fleet managers who wish to build stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships with their administrators.


Keeping sidewalks Clear and Safe

Riding Trencher Now Available with Cab


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Government Fleet Magazine - January/February 2018
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