Government Fleet - June 2017

* COVER STORY: * Create a Game Plan for Succession *

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* How to Create an Effective Succession Plan (COVER STORY) -  As more baby boomers reach retirement, fleets must prepare the next generation of leaders.  Fleet managers share initiatives that have worked for their teams.

* Storing, Dispensing and Using Ethanol-Gasoline Blends-  Ethanol-gasoline blends are prevalent in the United States, and fleet managers should know ethanol's effects on engines and how to use and store this fuel effectively.

* Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles - Technology available on vehicles today is pushing us closer to self-driving vehicles.  But there's still a lot of work to be done, and public agencies are determining how to prepare for autonomous vehicles.

* Getting to Know the Fleet Manager of the Year Finalists - This year's Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year finalists tak about how they started in fleet, the most challenging aspects of their jobs, and their product accomplishments.

* Getting Ahead: The Texas DOT's Fleet Excellence Program -  Following a restructuring of its fleet program, the TxDOT is still finding ways to do more with less through it's Fleet Excellence program.

* Fleets Can Make Streets Safer - Officials in cities that have adopted the Vision Zero traffic safety initiative are changing the way they equip and operate municipal fleet vehicles to support it.


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Government Fleet Magazine - June 2017