Government Fleet - June 2018

COVER STORY: * What to Do About Your Underutilized Vehicles * *

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* What to Do About Your Underutilized Vehicles (COVER STORY)

From how to determine utilization to how to take away barely-used vehicles, here's what fleet managers can do to improve utilization and begin right-sizing their fleets.

* The Police Interceptor Sedan Leaves the Market - How Fleets Will Adapt

With Ford's recent announcement to discontinue its Police Interceptor Sedan, fleets seeking a patrol sedan now have limited options.  We spoke to fleet managers to see how this affects their procurement strategy moving forward.

* New Tool Helps Fleets Plan Replacements

The City of Columbus, Ohio, partnered with Ohio State University students and Utilimarc to provide the fleet industry with a tool to help plan fleet replacements.

* Procuring Newer, Safer Vehicles & Its Impact on Costs

Whether the goal is emissions reduction, more efficient or safer vehicles, or standardization, switching up vehicle procurement comes with additional expenses.  But it can pay off, too.

* Training for Keeps: How to Retain Fleet Technicians

A widespread labor shortage and the high cost of turnover have inspired public fleet managers to broaden their search for talent and find new ways to keep their best technicians on the payroll.

* Interested in Hydrogen? 5 Factors to Consider

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) began purchasing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles during the last fiscal year.  Here are a few things fleets can learn from Caltrans' experience.

* It's Time to Brag

Use a 'State of the Fleet' report to promote your organization. Here's what to include when writing one.


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Government Fleet Magazine - June 2018
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