Government Fleet - March/April 2016

* COVER STORY: Recalls: The Impact on Fleets and How to Handle Them * *

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* Recalls: The Impact on Fleets and How to Handle Them (COVER STORY) - With recalls on the rise, it's hard for fleets to avoid them.  But understanding the risk - and creating a process for when they arise - can make handling them manageable.
* What You Need to Know About Renewable Diesel - Renewable diesel is sustainable, and many West coast fleets have been making the switch.  But what is it exactly, and where can you get it?
* Turning Around the West Palm Beach City Fleet - The City of West Palm Beach, Fla., has made a significant fleet turnaround with the help of a new fleet manager, a new fleet management system, and a newly created replacement fund.
* Customizing a Continuing Fleet Software Trend - Government fleets continue to look for fleet management information systems to perform tasks geared towards the fleet's specific needs, which has led to additional trends such as predictive analysis.

* 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency - From adding in-vehicle technologies to inventives in the shop, fleets and industry providers share five ways fleets can improve driver, vehicle, and operational efficiency.

Off-Road Equipment

* Caterpillar Rolls Towards Smarter Asphalt Compaction

* Elgin Pelican Delivers Cleaner Curb Appeal


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Government Fleet Magazine - March/April 2016