Government Fleet - March/April 2018

COVER STORY: * Will Fleets Be Ready for Cars of the Future? * *

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* Electric Powertrains are the Future - Will Fleets Be Ready? (COVER STORY)

There is a shift toward electric powertrain engines.  How can fleets and automotive students prepare for this change?

* 5 Fleet Software Features You Should Be Using

Graphical user interface-based fleet management information systems are 20 years old.  You are using yours for more than just record keeping, right?

* What's New in Police Motorcycles?

We look at the newst models available for motor officers and get some insight from a dealer on what to look for when choosing a motorcycle.

* Connection Points

Verizon Connect unifies threer leading telematics providers on a single platform that offers a wide range of compelling and "future-proof" solutions, services, and features to public fleet customers.

* Efficiency Idea: the Consolidated Vendor List

Many fleets have a list of vendors they can call for outsourced work.  What if this list isn't enough?

* Lessons I Learned During the Great Fire of 2017

In October 2017, wildfires spread across Northern California.  One fleet manager shares what he learned during the fires and recovery period.

* What to Do When OEMs Stop Making Your Vehicle

Step 1: Don't panic.  Step 2: Follow these steps...


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Government Fleet Magazine - March/April 2018
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