Government Fleet - May 2017

* COVER STORY: * Leasing: A Budget & Maintenance Solution *

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* Leasing: A Budget & Maintenance Solution (COVER STORY) -  Leasing allows fleets to modernize their equipment faster, and can also solve maintenance problems - including easing technician workload and reducing maintenance needs.

* The Pennsylvania Fleet; Leaner, But No Less Capable-  In 2011, a mandated 20% fleet reduction seemed daunting.  But more than five years later, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not only accomplished its goal, it has saved millions.

* On-Site Fueling: How to Exploit this Underutilized Resource - On-site fueling stations can be challenging to manage.  But with the right resources, fleets can maximize their service level while keeping costs manageable.

* Ford's Hybrid Police Sedan Doubles Fuel Efficiency - Ford's all-new Police Responder Hybrid Sedan will get an EPA-estimated 38 mpg combined and is designed for urban or local police.

* Increased Computerization Improves Battery Operation - Computers in newer vehicles can monitor the degradation of the battery and other components.  The more you keep the battery fully charged, the more life you can get out of it.

* Learn Something New at GFX 2017 - Now in its 10th year, the Government Fleet Expo & Conference will explore innovative ideas and the latest in fleet technology.


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Government Fleet Magazine - May 2017