Government Fleet - May 2018

COVER STORY: * A Look at the Newest Trucks * *

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* Incoming: A Look at the Next Generation of Trucks (COVER STORY)

Many OEM's have revealed their newest truck models for 2019 and beyond.  These new models boost performance and driver comfort, adding new features that increase efficiency and fit a variety of applications.

* Comparing Federal vs. State & Local Fleets

The largest U.S. fleets are in the federal goverment.  How do they compare with state and local government fleets?

* Q&A with the Fleet Manager of the Year Finalists

The 2018 award finalists all came from long fleet careers in the U.S. Air Force.  They've taken their expertise and applied it to the civilian world.

* Are You Vulnerable to Being Privatized?

Fleets at the greatest risk of privatization are those that haven't given it much thought, thinking it won't happen to them.

* What's the Future for CNG?

Years of low gasoline prices have caused a perceived shift away from compressed natural gas.  How has this shift changed the way fleets plan for the future?

* A Change in Progress

A new fleet management software system is allowing the City of Jamestown, N.Y., Division of Fleet Services to make significant improvements, including early efforts at centralization.


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Government Fleet Magazine - May 2018
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