Government Fleet - November/December 2016

* COVER STORY: * Optimize Your Oil Change Intervals *

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* When Should You Change Your Oil? (COVER STORY) - Fleets analyzing oil samples can determine if their maintenance cycles are done at the right time and also identify maintenance issues before they become bigger problems.
* Preventing Microbes & Contamination: How to Maintain Stored Diesel Fuel - Diesel fuel stored for long periods of time - such as in backup generators - is prone to degradation.  This can lead to equipment failure when the time comes to use it.  Here's what fleet managers can do to maintain their stored diesel fuel.

* 2017 Police Vehicles - Fleet managers in law enforcement have a variety of options to choose from.  The latest offerings from Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford deliver a number of features for increased power, safety, and efficiency.

* Will Your Exempt Employees Still Be Exempt in December? - New changes to the rules governing overtime from the Department of Labor will impact 4.2 million employees and have particularly negative effects on small local governments, small businesses, and non-profits.

* More Opportunities Than Challenges - The City of Tampa, Fla., fleet has hit its stride, with a staff consisting of a dream team, support from department heads, and an interim fleet manager keen on networking with neighboring fleets.

* Dealing with Delayed Delivery Schedules - Late vehicle deliveries can throw off a government agency's operations and leave fleet managers scrambling to keep older vehicles running.  We spoke to a few fleets about how they have dealt with delivery delays.


* A Fuel-Saving Wheel Loader for All Four Seasons

* A More Durable, Fuel-Efficient Landfill Compactor


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Government Fleet Magazine - November/December 2016