Government Fleet - October 2016

* COVER STORY: Who Handles Your Fleet Data? * *

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* Analysts Wanted (COVER STORY) - The amount of data a fleet has can be overwhelming -- that's why agencies are hiring analysts to make sense of the data and help the fleet operation make sound business decisions.
* Best Practices in Remarketing Partnerships - Fleets teaming up on vehicle remarketing, whether with another public agency or a private auctioneer, talk about how they do it and what they've learned.

* New Motor Oils Are Coming Your Way - Are You Ready? - New motor oils are coming to truck engines and lubricant marketers near you this December; here's what you need to know.

* How to Implement a Telematics Solution - Telematics providers offer tips for public fleets on finding and implementing the right solution.

* Hyundai's New Offerings Go Green - The automaker has ventured into alternative powertrain vehicles with its latest collection of hybrid, electric, and fuel cell models.

* Law Enforcement for the Lone Star State - The Texas Department of Public Safety Fleet Operations is committed to ensuring its drivers have the safest and most reliable vehicles to perform their duties.


* A Chip Spreader Designed for Paving Precision

* Making 3D Grade Control a More Powerful Tool


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Government Fleet Magazine - October 2016