Government Fleet - September 2016 Industry Handbook

* Industry Trends & Benchmarking Stats * *

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* 9 Trends in Public Fleet Management - Alternative-fuel mandates are driven by political pressure and too much data is leading to ore work for fleets, according to fleet professionals around the country.
* Benchmarking Statistics - How does your public fleet compare to others?  Data shows that overall fleet operating budgets continue to rise slightly, and the federal fleet size increased by 1% in FY-2015.

       - Government Fleet Annual Industry Survey Results

         -- Includes fleet size changes, budget & changes, services insourced & outsourced, certification.

         Utilimarc Data from Municipal Fleets

         -- Includes average vehicle age, mileage, maintenance cost, labor hours, fuel economy

         Federal Fleet Totals & Trends

         -- Includes total federal fleet size & change, age, cost per mile, utilization

* 13 Bright Ideas for Fleet Improvement - Fleet professionals share some improvements they've made to their fleets, how they did it, and how others can do the same.


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Government Fleet Magazine - September 2016 Industry Handbook