Work Truck Magazine - April 2017

COVER STORY: * Ford F-650/F-750 Repeats Medium-Duty Truck of the Year *

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* Ford F-650/F-750 Repeats Medium-Duty Truck of the Year (COVER STORY) - The F-650/F-750 lineup includes Regular Cab, SuperCab, and Crew Cab body styles, as well as straight-frame, kick-up frame Pro Leader, and a dedicated tractor model for heavy towing applications.

* The Work Truck Show 2017: Cutting-Edge Vocational Products - More than 500 exhibitors took over the 500,000-plus square foot show floor to demonstrate and share the newest in vocational trucks and vans, equipment, solutions, and accessories.

* Improving Truck Ergonomics to Reduce Workers' Comp Claims - OSHA regs require an employer to provide a workplace (which includes upfitted work vehicles) free from recognized hazards.  The best way to make a fleet more ergonomic is to proactively identify and rectify potential issues.

* Simple Light-Duty Truck Tire Maintenance Tips - Tires keep your trucks moving, creating the foundation of a fleet truck.  Proper tire maintenance can ensure longer lifecycles and safer vehicles.

* Navigating Changing Regulations - Regulations related to the work truck industry are numerous, constantly changing, and can be the source of major fleet manager headaches.  Stay up-to-date on what's happening and learn how to navigate changes.

* Aftertreatment System: A New System That Cannot be Overlooked - Many fleet operators may not realize that aftertreatment systems are often vulnerable to compromise and failure due to seemingly minor and unrelated causes that have been largely ignored in routine maintenance practices.


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Work Truck Magazine - April 2017