Work Truck Magazine - August 2016

COVER STORY: * Spec'ing Trucks to Maximize Productivity *

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* Spec'ing Trucks to Maximize Productivity (COVER STORY) - The No. 1 consideration when spec'ing is payload.  The weight of the payload determines the engine displacement, transmission, size of tires, and frame type.  You determine the payload by determining the fleet application.
* Innovating Upfits for Truck & Van Fleets - Rarely does one-size-fit-all in vehicle spec'ing and truck and van upfits are case-in-point. Manufacturers work to stay one step ahead of fleet needs with constant improvement and new product advancements.
* Long-Term Impact of Truck Replacement Cycles-  The more expensive the asset, the longer it is kept in service; however, the need for short-term cost savings prompts some fleets to even further extend cycling parameters and defer replacements.  But, what are the consequences?

* Van Go: Focus on Safety - In the light-duty van market, safety has become a priority for fleet buyers and manufacturers.


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Work Truck Magazine - August 2016