Work Truck Magazine - February 2017

COVER STORY: * Properly Spec'ing Engines & Transmissions *

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* Tips for Spec'ing Light- & Medium-Duty Engines & Transmissions (COVER STORY) - With new advancements in technology impacting price, fuel economy, and maintenance intervals, properly spec'ing engines and transmissions for your work trucks is more important than ever.

* Detroit Diesel's 5.1L Street Fighter - Even in an age of "rightsizing," many fleets have been reluctant to give a four-cylinder engine a chance.  Detroit Diesel's new DD5 diesel is about to challenge that point of view.

* Nissan Van Goes 'Above & Beyond' - Delivery fleets are always on the road, putting miles on their vehicles faster than most other vocational fleets.  While new vehicles are extending lifecycles beyond previous models, one fleet van hit the half-million mile mark.

* Knowing Your Fluids, Part 1: All About Oil - Fluids are critical for fleet health -- are you current on your fluid knowledge?  In part 1 of this three-part series, making the right choices about which oil to use, maintenance needs, and more are shared.

* The Pros & Cons of On-Site Fueling - From pricing to convenience, there are many benefits for an on-site fueling facility.  But, time to recoup initial investments and additional maintenance requirements should be considered.

* Controlling Creeping Fleet Costs - Running a successful fleet means keeping an eye on both your front office costs, as well as what's happening in your shop and in the yard.


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Work Truck Magazine - February 2017