Work Truck Magazine - February 2018

COVER STORY: * Listen to End-Users: How to Avoid Over- & Under-Spec'ing Pitfalls *

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* How to Avoid Over-Spec'ing and Under-Spec'ing Pitfalls (COVER STORY) - Spec'ing a medium-duty truck is a complicated process that requires hundreds of decisions and choices, with each potentially impacting another.  It is a science to achieve the balance between over-spec'ing and under-spec'ing a truck.

* All About Truck Idling: The Importance of Reduction Efforts - Reducing unnecessary idling has benefits that extend far beyond fuel consumption and cost savings.

* Reducing Fuel Costs with Telematics - Telematics can help a fleet manager collect many useful types of data on a fleet of vehicles.  Four companies share the strategies they implemented to reduce fuel spend.


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Work Truck Magazine - February 2018