Work Truck Magazine - January 2017

COVER STORY: * Flattening Fuel Costs *

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* Best Practices in Fuel Management (COVER STORY) - Managing fuel is about so much more than a price tag.  Fuel professionals share insight into best practices for fleets to get a handle over rising costs, cut down on fuel use, and keep track of purchases.

* Learning to Operate a Crane - Bobit Business Media editors learned how to operate a truck-mounted crane with help from equipment manufacturer Stellar Industries and custom truck builder Phenix Enterprises.

* Part 1: The Benefits of a Service Level Agreement with an Upfitter - This two-part article examines the pros and cons of a service level agreement (SLA) with an upfitter.  Part 1 examines the advantages of an SLA and how to correctly structure its metrics.

* Part 2: 10 Disadvantages to Using an Upfitter Service Level Agreement - Standardized delivery timelines stipulated in an SLA can create unrealistic expectations.  Also, the relationship can become transactional in nature, with a risk of damaging the relationship if there are penalties for missed metrics.

* Comparing Vans by Lifecycle Cost - This analysis shows that ownership costs for vans with similar powertrains, GVWR, and capacities can vary by manufacturer as much as $9,000.

* Sprinter Charges Ahead - Since its introduction to the North American market two decades ago, European-style vans have become a mainstay in the fleet industry.  The van that started it all in America continues forging into the future.

* FMCSA Approves Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse - The clearinghouse database is a central repository with records of commercial driver's license holders violating the FMCSA drug and alcohol testing program.


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Work Truck Magazine - January 2017