Work Truck Magazine - July 2016

COVER STORY: * Propane Autogas Fuels Ford F-750 * *

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* ROUSH CleanTech's All-New Propane-Autogas Ford F-750 (COVER STORY) - With a growing demand for a propane-autogas fueled medium-duty chassis for several vocational applications, Ford and ROUSH CleanTech responded.
* 20 Spec'ing Mistakes that Negatively Impact Truck Resale - When spec'ing a truck, it is critical to find the balance between building a truck to perform the intended job function and ensuring there will be a strong secondary buyer demand in the resale market at the end of its lifecycle.
* Safety Trends & Advancements in Medium-Duty Truck Fleets-  With accident rates relatively flat in medium-duty truck fleets, but repair costs rising slightly, fleet managers are continuing to look for ways to ultimately eliminate crashes and related liabilities and expenses.

* 6 Trends in Vocational Body Designs - Vocational work truck and van body makers are keeping pace with rapidly changing models, new-vehicle segments, expensive technology, and new regulations.


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Work Truck Magazine - July 2016