Work Truck Magazine - June 2017

COVER STORY: * Understanding the Cost of Extended Truck Replacement *

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* Medium-Duty Truck Upfitting Challenges, Solutions & Options - The number of available options, combined with getting exactly what is needed for your fleet, can be daunting at best.  But, with some homework and research doing the upfitting job right can be easier than it appears.

* Overt & Hidden Costs in Extending Truck Replacement (COVER STORY) - Extending truck replacement cycling parameters beyond stated fleet policy is typically a short-term tactic used by senior management to solve a budgetary constraint; however, there are long-term fleet consequences to this strategy.

* Telematics Beyond Asset Tracking -  Most fleet managers know telematics is great for asset tracking, but there are many other underutilized components of a telematics solution that could be saving fleet managers time and money.

* Knowing Your Fluids: Additives - Keeping gasoline and diesel engines running smoothly and efficiently is important and additives can help.

* Who's Who: Innovators in Telematics - The telematics industry is an integral part of today's fleet landscape and there are a number of innovative people helping advance and improve the business.


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Work Truck Magazine - June 2017